Residential Services

Basement Services

Is your basement dark, dirty, and musty? Have you had flooding and just want a long lasting, waterproof flooring? Have you had a basement drain system put in and are left with ugly patched in concrete? Renew It All has a solution to solve your basement troubles. Our coatings offer a decorative touch that can upgrade your basement into a functional living space or a clean and durable storage area. Our coatings can protect your basement, keeping it dry and comfortable.

  • One Day Installation coatings available
  • Easy to Clean sealed surface that never gets musty.
  • 100% Waterproof to withstand water exposure.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing variety of colors for any décor
  • Flexible, designed to withstand abrasions and impacts.
  • Guaranteed not to crack or delaminate.

Renew It All can use either our flake system, solid color system, or metallic epoxy system in your basement. All are ideal for indoor use as a living area or for storage but offer different levels of safety, appeal, and functionality. Contact us for more information and find out which product is perfect to elevate your basement today!

Pool Deck

Is your pool deck in need of a facelift? Renew It All can repair damaged, cracked, and dirty concrete and provide a safe, durable coating that will make your pool better than new! Our coatings are designed specifically for high traffic surfaces in even the harshest environments which make them ideal to provide a long-lasting finish and refresh your pool deck like never before.

  • One Day Installation depending on size of the project.
  • Easy to Clean sealed surface that can be power washed if necessary.
  • Waterproof even on frequently wet surfaces
  • Slip Resistant texture with the option of additional anti-slip granules.
  • Cooling properties keep the concrete safe for your feeling, cooler than CoolDeck!
  • Guaranteed not to crack or delaminate.

Pools need constant maintenance and investment, but one of the most overlooked problems is the surface around the pool. Concrete that is always dirty, cracked, unsafe or just unsightly is no longer a problem. Renew It All can permanently fix your pool deck problems with a zero-maintenance coating that alleviates your stress and makes your pool the envy of your neighbors!

Porch, Patio, Sidewalk

Porches, patios, and sidewalks can be a constant nightmare for homeowners. Even brand-new concrete needs constant attention and seems to always need pressure washing and sealing. You can make dirty, stained, cracked and pitted concrete on your porch, patio, or sidewalk area a pain of the past. Renew It All’s coatings are zero maintenance and compliment many different house colors to amplify curb appeal, best of all we can repair just about the worst cracking and pitting you can imagine.

  • One Day Installation and then you are back to normal use the next day.
  • Easy to Clean permanently sealed surface needs no regular maintenance.
  • Repair heavily damaged concrete and prevent future cracking and pitting.
  • Slip Resistant texture with the option of additional anti-slip granules.
  • Beautiful color options for the front or back of any house
  • Guaranteed not to crack or delaminate.

Make the front entrance of your house a real wow factor or improve the look and function of your back patio with a coating from Renew It All. Your dirty and damaged porch, patio, or sidewalk can be reinvigorated to be a valuable addition to your house and expand your living and entertaining area.

Concrete Services

Interior or exterior, concrete can be anywhere around your house. You no longer have to wish there was something you could do to that boring, dirty, or damaged concrete slab because Renew It All has a solution for you! We offer a wide variety of coatings and color options for any concrete surface around your house. Renew It All can repair even the most damaged concrete without having to make a huge mess or cost thousands of dollars.

  • One Day Installation for most projects
  • Garages
  • Basements
  • Porches and Patios
  • Sidewalks and Stairs
  • Pool Decks
  • Laundry Room
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Entryway