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We make the old look new again

Floor/Concrete Refinishing

Rewnew It All, now offers color flake resinous color flake flooring.

Counter top Refinishing

Let Renew It All give your counter top a new, more modern color.

Bathtub Refinishing

Repair and update your bathroom. Unlimited colors are available for any decor!

Why Refinish

Although there are many reasons to consider refinishing versus replacing a bathtub, shower unit or countertop, the most popular reason is that you will save HUNDREDS of dollars! Renew It All refinishing is a much simpler and cost effective way to remodel. In fact, savings of 50%-70% are common when refinishing kitchen counters, bathtubs, ceramic tile and showers fixtures. The best part is you avoid the mess and down time of removing perfectly good fixtures. Renew It All can refinish your fixture in a matter of hours not days and return it to use usually the next day! Entire baths and kitchens can be updated to modern colors.

Renew It All uses

nothing but the best acrylic urethane coatings when refinishing. The whole Renew It All process involves several steps of cleaning, sanding and surface preparation before the coatings are applied. We then use a high volume, low pressure spray system to apply the coatings.

Floor Refinishing

New Resinous Flooring

Renew It All, now offers color flake resinous color flake flooring. For areas that require a safe, clean, durable and aesthetically appealing flooring solution, resinous flooring systems provide exceptional value and performance. Their unique ability to provide seamless, clean, stain resistant, slip free safety and unmatched durability make flake flooring an economical choice. High resistance to stains, chemicals, oil and hot tire pick up make resinous flooring a great option for garages. How about a 10 year wear through warranty! Cleaning only requires soap and water. Other applications would be for basement floors, kitchens, bathrooms, Bars, dog kennels, porches, patios, sidewalks, pool decks, offices, entrances etc. We would be glad to answer and questions you may have! You can choose from popular color combinations or create your own unique look from color chips, micas and quartz!

Countertop Refinishing


All types of countertops can be resurfaced. The most common, synthetic laminates (Formica), become outdated in color, chipped, stained, cut by knives and burned by pots. Renew It All can refinish your countertop to a new, more modern color.

When resurfacing, unsightly joint lines and dark edges are colored to match the whole counter-top. Renew It All can refinish the countertop in one day and return it to use the next. Pick from our granite like Flintstone colors!

Bathroom/Bathtub Refinishing


Renew It All can refinish your existing tile around your bath. Whether the tile is in the shower area or surrounds the entire bath, with the proper techniques and specialized coatings, we can refinish the area in any choice of color to match your decor!

Porcelain and cast iron tubs rust, chip, and stain and become porous. Fiberglass tubs fade, scratch, crack and stain. Or if you are just tired of the old color, Renew It All can repair or completely update your color. Unlimited colors are available for any decor!


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