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The Refinishing Process

Surface refinishing is a proven 25-year old process, in which worn out or damaged bathtubs, countertops, ceramic tile, fiberglass tubs and showers and sinks can be returned to a like new look and feel without the expensive cost of replacement.

Old, ugly hard to clean surfaces are repaired and the restored by applying a new finish using high-tech acrylic coatings. These advanced coatings coupled with special cross- linking priming agents, create incredibly hard and durable surfaces. Refinishing always wins when compared to the total costs of tear out, plumbers, tile setters and the time and mess involved with replacement.

Surface preparation is very important:

The bathtub’s surface is cleaned using a special two-step process to remove soap film, oils and mineral deposits. Any chips nicks or dings are repaired when necessary.

Making it stick-the critical difference:

The key to any good refinishing job is to get the coating to stick to the surface. When refinishing porcelain or enamel-coated tubs we use a special cleaning agent and a scotch bright pad. We then apply a specifically designed primer to the surface which adheres chemically and does not just lay on top of the tub. Once dry, the acrylic topcoat is applied. These steps are necessary for the “cross-linking” action to take place. The cross-linking or chemical reaction of the coatings is what gives our product the superior holding power necessary for strength and hardness. Without the cross-linking action, the coating will just lay on top of the tubs surface allowing the 2 coatings to move and loosen over time.

Fiberglass tubs, showers depending on the condition of the unit are either sanded with fine sandpaper or chemically cleaned and primed to create the surface needed for maximum adhesion. Then the color coats are applied. Once again allowing the coating to “bite” into the surface.

The new surface:

An acrylic top coating, in the color of your choice is applied with a spray compressor or HVLP to create a long lasting surface. Finishes for bathtubs, ceramic tile, showers and surrounds are high gloss while finishes for countertops are matte or high gloss. All refinished surfaces are ready to use 24 hours after the final coats are applied. We will provide you with all the necessary information regarding cleaning and care. Our coatings are designed to last and average of 8-10 years or longer with proper care and maintenance.

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